Concha Martinez Montalvo

La chaqueta de su señoría, 2017. Fotografía, 105 x 136 cm.

Title: “La chaqueta de su Señoría“ (Your Lordship’s Jacket)
Year: 2017
Type of artwork: Colour photography
Material: 16 framed photographs
Size: Each photograph: 22 x 31 cm. The whole 16 photographs set: 105 x 136 cm.
Installation: Framed photographs spaced 5cm from each other (according to the image of the artwork)

La chaqueta de su Señoría (Your Lordship’s Jacket), is a photographic artwork composed of 16 images, showing fragments of an jacket in alpaca blue with black stripes.
The banknotes of official payments to the state rolls stick out from the inside of the blazer, fill its pockets, overflow from its sleeves, and hang from its flaps.
We used official payments to the state instead of money because of its symbolic value, as these payments represent an income source for the government, which uses them to improve the living conditions of the citizens. This artwork makes us reflect about the importance of corruption, a scourge that reduces the resources and credibility of the nations.

Photography is employed in La chaqueta de su Señoría because of the documental value that the photographic media has historically had. The separation from the object, created by the camera and the neutrality of paper, takes us away from any sentimentalism and empathy towards the object, giving the image an even more truthful appearance than the real object. It also allow us to fragment the image, which makes the observer more curious and fascinated by every individual detail, therefore this artwork is meant to be grasped, only the distance and a careful observation will make it understandable as a whole.

Sadly, corruption is a non-local phenomenon and, like a plague, it can spread through the state. No region is free from these corruption cases and it affects most of the political parties that govern in towns, regions or even the central government.

CV.  Concha Martínez Montalvo

Born in Madrid in 1962. Lives in Murcia since 1992.
Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Graduated in Plastic Arts and Design.
Currently teacher in the Superior School of Design of Murcia.
Teacher in the Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Murcia from 2008 to 2013.

CV. Concha Martínez Montalvo

Nace en Madrid en 1962. Vive en Murcia desde 1992.
Licenciada en Bellas Artes y Graduada en Artes Plásticas y Diseño.
Actualmente es profesora en la Escuela Superior de Diseño de Murcia.
Fue profesora en la Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad de Murcia (2008-2013).