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Counterintelligence Awarness, Secret Power

Simon Deny, Counterintelligence Awarness, Secret Power, 2015, Biblioteca Marciana, Veneza

segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2015

An unconventional way to combat petty corruption

An unconventional way to combat petty corruption

"A ZERO-SUM game is one in which the gains of one player are exactly balanced by the losses of another. In India a local non-governmental organisation has invented a new sort of zero sum which, it hopes, will leave everyone better off: the zero-rupee note.
What on earth is the point of that? The note is not legal tender. It is simply a piece of paper the colour of a 50-rupee note with a picture of Gandhi on it and a value of nothing. Its aim is to shame corrupt officials into not demanding bribes."
The Economist - Jan 28th 2010

A zero contribution